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army of the potomac wikipedia - the army of the potomac was the principal union army in the eastern theater of the american civil war it was created in july 1861 shortly after the first battle of bull run and was disbanded in may 1865 following the surrender of the confederate army of northern virginia in april, confederate army of the potomac wikipedia - the confederate army of the potomac whose name was short lived was the command under brig gen p g t beauregard in the early days of the american civil war its only major combat action was the first battle of bull run afterwards the army of the shenandoah was merged into the army of the potomac with gen joseph e johnston the commander of the shenandoah taking command, us army ranger school packing list potomac field gear - potomac field gear knows that your job isn t a game and the gear we design isn t made to play one every pfg product is engineered to provide unsurpassed comfort and protection in the world s most hostile environments, nab basins nab wc usace army mil - releases from jennings randolph lake and savage river dam are made for a variety of purposes the flow values cited above are the expected releases from each dam and may be increased or decreased without prior notice depending on changing climatic and hydrologic conditions, the battle of gettysburg 1863 eyewitnesstohistory com - o n june 24 1863 general robert e lee led his confederate army across the potomac river and headed towards pennsylvania in response to this threat president lincoln replaced his army commander general joseph hooker with general george mead as lee s troops poured into pennsylvania mead led the union army north from washington, hydrologic engineering center home page - the hydrologic engineering center hec an organization within the institute for water resources is the designated center of expertise for the u s army corps of engineers in the technical areas of surface and groundwater hydrology river hydraulics and sediment transport hydrologic statistics and risk analysis reservoir system analysis planning analysis real time water control, free projects windham fabrics - beautiful high quality fabrics for the quilting enthusiast 100 cotton quilting and related fabrics for quilt shops and fabric stores, asian pacific americans in the u s army the united - the united states army honors asian american and pacific islander soldiers who have proudly served in honor of defending america s freedom, history of the u s army ordnance corps - the history of ordnance in america by karl rubis ordnance branch historian the ordnance branch is one of the oldest branches of the u s army founded on 14 may 1812, hiking potomac heritage national scenic trail u s - short hikes more hikes explore the diversity of the pht corridor on foot hiking opportunities are extensive throughout the pht network and one of the best ways to experience the beauty history and culture of the pht corridor, balloon corps united states history britannica com - balloon corps civilian aeronautical unit 1861 63 created during the american civil war to provide aerial surveillance of confederate troops for the union army balloons supported union campaigns from ground stations and naval vessels in the peninsular campaign the capture of island number ten the savannah campaign and the battle of chancellorsville, fairfield inn suites potomac mills woodbridge - the fairfield inn suites by marriott at potomac mills is conveniently located off i 95 and is minutes from potomac mills mall stonebridge town center the national museum of the marine corps at quantico fort belvoir army base and historic occoquan, the united states army band pershing s own - the u s army band pershing s own 400 mcnair road fort myer va 22211 1306, of the confederacy cfs press swiftwater rescue books - shock troops of the confederacy the sharpshooter battalions of the army of northern virginia fred l ray a comprehensive history of the elite troops of the confederacy as well as an essential reference for historians enthusiasts and reenactors, us army bases militarybases com - the army is the oldest military branch established on june 14 th 1775 today there are more than 700 000 soldiers who fill many different positions doctors lawyers engineers computer programmers logistic experts and more still dedicated to their motto this we ll defend, battle of spotsylvania court house confederate army map maps - battle of spotsylvania court house confederate army order of battle army of northern virginia civil war courthouse general robert e lee corps division infantry hill, united states army personnel buried in arlington national - a quentin c aanenson captain air corps wwii combat aviator one of the greatest generation dfc ph am 10 harold robert aaron lieutenant general usma, battle of antietam history - the battle of antietam also called the battle of sharpsburg occurred september 17 1862 at antietam creek near sharpsburg maryland it pitted confederate general robert e lee s army of, taps information memorial day - myth about the origin of taps that is circulating about the internet the true story is that in july 1862 after the seven days battles at harrison s landing near richmond virginia the wounded commander of the 3rd brigade 1st division v army corps army of the potomac general daniel butterfield reworked with his bugler oliver wilcox norton another bugle call scott tattoo to create