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ph calculation questions calculation of ph of buffer finally we have a set of equations qbq2 4 and qbq2 5 when solved they give n a 0 036 and n b 0 064 from qbq2 2 we get that we have to add 0 036 mole of hcl or 36 ml of 1 m solution we can use ph calculator to check the result create a solution containing both ammonia and hydrochloric acid, general chemistry i university of north florida - exams the exam format typically consists of conceptual questions and problems to be worked and answered multiple choice format red parscore scantron sheets will be provided and used on the exam in combination with written answers if required, ph calculation questions finding pka of a weak acid - all you have to do is to find out concentrations of a and ha however it is worth of noting here that you can save part of the calculations replacing concentrations with numbers of moles volume is the same for both substances so it cancels out, next generation molecular workbench - molecular workbench is one of the most versatile ways to experience the science of atoms and molecules and now it works in web browsers, periodic table of elements la lanthanum - 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