In The Service Of The Tsar Against Napoleon The Memoirs Of Denis Davidov 1806 1814 -

imperial russian army wikipedia - the imperial russian army russian tr r sskaya imper torskaya rmiya was the land armed force of the russian empire active from around 1721 to the russian revolution of 1917 in the early 1850s the russian army consisted of more than 900 000 regular soldiers and nearly 250 000 irregulars mostly cossacks, french invasion of russia wikipedia - the french invasion of russia known in russia as the patriotic war of 1812 russian 1812 translit ote estvennaja vojna 1812 goda and in france as the russian campaign french campagne de russie began on 24 june 1812 when napoleon s grande arm e crossed the neman river in an attempt to engage and defeat the russian army, french invasion of russia new world encyclopedia - the french invasion of russia also known as the russian campaign in 1812 was a turning point in the napoleonic wars the campaign reduced the french and allied invasion forces to a small fraction of their initial strength its sustained role in russian culture may be seen in tolstoy s war and peace and the soviet identification with it during the german invasion of 1941 1944