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can you drive with a blown head gasket bluedevil products - if you re asking yourself can you drive with a blown head gasket then you either have a blown head gasket already or you drive a vehicle that is known for blowing head gaskets, signs of a blown head gasket bluedevil products - a blown head gasket is expensive learn the signs of a blown head gasket so you can identify your problem easily and fix it before it requires a major overhaul, repair guides engine mechanical components valve - set the no 1 cylinder at top dead center tdc on its compression stroke align the pointer with the tdc mark on the crankshaft pulley check that the valve lifters on the no 1 cylinder are loose and valve lifters on the no 4 cylinder are tight, calif smog issues i m monitors tacoma world - hello all i replaced f r cat converters on my 03 tacoma now when i hook up the scanner i get a no codes reading which is great but when i check the i m monitor status i am getting a inc on the cat converter monitor which is not great, intermittent wipers tacoma world - welcome to tacoma world you are currently viewing as a guest to get full access you need to register for a free account, 100 car maintenance tasks you can do on your own the - car maintenance seems daunting at first but start small and work up the car repair ladder here are 100 car repair tasks and maintenance you can do yourself, p0420 dtc code catalyst system efficiency below - welcome to p0420 com the place dedicated to that dtc diagnostic trouble code p0420 the p0420 code is a very popular one and that s why there s a site dedicated to that specific trouble code, why is the heater in my car blowing out cold air and not - jp993 is a self confessed car and motorcycle addict having saved thousands over the years working on and maintaining his vehicles himself now that the cold weather is back we ll be whacking the car s heater on the second we turn the key or not if your car heaters are not working they work by, bmw e36 3 series automatic transmission fluid change 1992 - this article is one in a series that have been released in conjunction with wayne s new book 101 performance projects for your bmw 3 series the book contains 272 pages of full color projects detailing everything from performance mods to timing the camshafts, subaru air conditioning explained all wheel drive auto - typical subaru air conditioning problems explained the air conditioning ac system in your subaru is made up of the following a compressor condenser evaporative evap core expansion valve receiver dryer hoses and lines thermo sensor and the controls, how long willl engine last holden automotive - tassiedude writes 2007 model and 17990 too much keep looking and u will fins one at a cheaper price ive owned 2 crewmans and i love them my currant is a vz ss thunder 6l very low k s and its far and away the best car ive ever owned can tow the racecar with 2 people in the back admittedly u wouldn t want to have long legs sitting in the rear of these things lol olny drawback is the